Commfort Group and the Beautiful Angels Association launch a public campaign


On 1 October 2014, a joint charity campaign was launched under the theme “Share what you have”. The initiator and creator of the campaign is the founder of the Beautiful Angels Association, Katarzyna Konewecka-Hołój. Her commitment and tremendous workload have resulted in putting in place 18 beautiful and clean rooms for children from disadvantaged families.

The principle of the Association is to reach out to the most deprived children, living in all regions of Poland, and to collect funds for renovating their bedrooms, so that they can have their own world, a place where they will always want to come back, to study and play with their friends.

We do not strive to change the world, but rather try to do our best to make children see the world as a more beautiful place. We believe that every company can afford to donate a certain percentage of the revenue generated through the sale of their products or services,and thus contribute to renovating the bedroom of a child who lives in difficult housing conditions.”-says Katarzyna Konewecka-Hołój, President of the Beautiful Angels Association.

The objective of the public campaign launched with Commfort Group is to prevent the consequences of raising children in difficult material conditions and to promote the idea of local governance through contributing to the building of civil society.

With this campaign, we want to awaken in everyone a spontaneous disposition to help others, which we often fail to display not because we are unable to help, but because we are not aware of the fact that our help might be needed. We hope that the campaign provides our Association with visibility and that Social Assistance Centres, schools, companies and donors will remember to contact us if they know of a child in need.”-said Katarzyna Dębicka, owner of Commfort Group, who is in charge of contacts with the media and companies that are in a position to contribute to refurbishing the bedrooms of many children.

Campaign details on the Beautiful Angels Association web page.