Experience and contacts

About us

Commfort Group was founded in 2008 as a consulting company specializing in supporting Polish and foreign companies in the field of marketing and public relations.

The originator and founder of the company is Katarzyna Dębicka, a seasoned expert in product and lifestyle PR.

Many years of experience in implementing difficult business projects, negotiations, acquiring clients and matching offers are the resources of Commfort Group.

Our clients can now benefit from them and successfully put their plans into action. Our mission is to create a comfortable working environment for both our employees and clients.

Our main objective is group interaction and cooperation: we believe that we are in a position to achieve great results only when working together. The strength and ambition of individuals combined with the motivation of the team result in a continuous development of our professional skills and competences.

We have implemented a policy of equal opportunities and are involved in charitable activities. We want to assist those who are less fortunate, because we do not agree with indifference to social exclusion.